The Games We Play: Decoding the Gaming Industry


Videos games are not just for kids.

Gamers and the community gamers get a lot of “play,” but there are many dimensions to digital gaming.
Digital gaming is more than an entertainment platform, it has emerged as a serious education and training platform and has promising applications in healthcare, biotechnology and advertising. During Learning Curves’ one-week intensive gaming seminar, participates will learn about the mechanics of product development, design-based thinking, the role and application of art, careers in the industry and the various monetization opportunities in gaming.

what you can expect

Create POC (Proof of Concept)

Skills Acquisition

  1. Learning Curve Problem Solving Method
  2. Deconstruct and Construct Games
  3. Lo and Hi Tech Animation
  4. Programming (OOA, OOD)
  5. Financial Modeling using Microsoft Excel
  6. Public Speaking

Access to Industry Experts

Brown Bag lunch series with industry experts. Hands-on instruction from game developers.


  • Emerging Gaming Applications
  • Storyline Development
  • Fantasy & Realism
  • The Collaborators: Game Team Essentials Storytellers, Artists and Technologist
  • Gaming Platforms: Console, Mobile, etc.
  • Revenue Models
  • Business Strategy
  • Financing Your Model

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