Learning Curve: M3 Accelerator


Join the 2016 Cohort!

M3 is Learning Curve’s signature program. This is a fast-paced learning experience. On a daily basis, participants can expect to gain exposure to fascinating developments in STEAMD (Science Tech Engineering Art Math and Design) that are a mix of lo and hi tech concepts.
We challenge participants to apply what they are learning to solve challenges, compete and more importantly to push their capacity to learn, synthesize and innovate on the fly. We want all of our participants to get comfortable and confident with complex problem-solving and the role of design when formulating solutions. We expect our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR’s) to apply what they are rapidly learning to the formation, launch and growth of their own start-up ventures and to their burgeoning relationships with each other as co-founders and to a community of stakeholders.

what you can expect

Skills Acquisition

We recognize that everyone may not want to be a scientist, engineer, designer or programmer, but we want to make acquiring STEM skills less intimidating and 100% fun. We also want to make our EIR’s competitive and to do that we have to equip them with 21st century skills and thinking. Some of the skills that our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR’s) can expect to acquire include:
  1. Computer Programming
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Engineering
  4. Design
  5. Business
  6. Leadership, Public Policy

Create Cool Stuff

From scratch, create a variety of cool things from readily available materials. Learn the building blocks of various concepts and materials, so you can incorporate new insights into your business.

Access to industry leaders.

Learning Curve’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR’s) get access to influencers and leaders during our Brown Bag Lunch series, where our guest speakers share their stories and give advice, tips and strategies on career, investments and relationships.


The M3 program is powered by a talented and creative team of thinkers and tinkers. Read more about us.

The Material Things

  1. Work Space. EIR’s can access desk space, conference rooms, classrooms and other office amenities to host meetings, workshops, focus groups and to collaborate with fellow EIR’s.
  2. G&G (Gadgets and Gear). Access laptops, tablets, cameras, sewing machines, cutting machines and much more that can be used for prototyping, storytelling and other imaginative creations.
  3. A few top secret items.


  • Revenue Models for 21st Century
  • Show Me the Money, a 4-part series on Raising Capital
  • Customer Acquisition: The Cost & Strategies
  • Storytelling: the Art of Authentic Brand Building
  • Corporations 101, a 3-part Series
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Mission & Matter
  • Valuations & Term Sheets

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