M3 Accelerator

The 3 R’s (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) are fundamental, but today’s emerging workforce needs the 3 M’s: Make, Monetize, Matter. MAKE — learn specific high-demand skills and competencies (e.g. Software Development, Chemistry). MONETIZE — customer development, acquisition, growth and retention MATTER – human-centered design and related policy
Learning Curve seeks to tackle poverty and revitalize communities by re-thinking how to best prepare a latent workforce for both jobs in the marketplace and business ownership and to ensure that undervalued populations are not excluded from the innovation economy.

what you can expect

Skills Acquisition

Learning Curve recognize that everyone may not want to be a scientist, engineer, designer or programmer, but we want to make acquiring STEM skills less intimidating. Learning Curve equips entrepreneurs with 21st century skills and thinking. Some of the skills that our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR’s) can expect to acquire include:
  1. Evidenced-based Entrepreneurship & Commercialization
  2. Growth Marketing
  3. Human-Centered Design
  4. Prototyping & Fabrication for both Digital and Tangible Products


Learning Curve’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR’s) get access to influencers and leaders during our Brown Bag Lunch series, where our guest speakers share their stories and give advice, tips and strategies on career, investments and innovation.

The Material Things

  1. Work Space. EIR’s can access desk space, conference rooms, classrooms and other office amenities to host meetings, workshops, focus groups and to collaborate with fellow EIR’s.
  2. G&G (Gadgets and Gear). Access laptops, tablets, cameras, lab equipment and digital fabrication equipment.

Sample Learning Units

  • Revenue Models for 21st Century
  • Show Me the Money, a 4-part series on Raising Capital
  • Customer Acquisition: The Cost & Strategies
  • Storytelling: the Art of Authentic Brand Building
  • Corporations 101, a 3-part Series
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Mission & Matter
  • Valuations & Term Sheets

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