Energy Tech at Bronx Community College

EST 11: An Introduction to Energy Technology (Or How Things Work)
“Have you ever wondered how many French fries it would take to fill a car’s gas tank? Or how much sun you would need to charge your phone every day? Or how much wind you would need to power homes? Or what makes an autonomous truck or Tesla car “go”? This exciting, hands-on, two-credit summer course introduces students to the basic features of what makes most things in the world do what they do: ENERGY. And when not learning about what makes energy so important for sustaining life they will most surely be creating and experimenting with it, for every day they will be in a laboratory learning about ballistics, turning cooking oil into biodiesel fuel, creating solar panels, building wind turbines, and manufacturing the kind of fuel cells modeled on the electric car. All along students will learn the nature of alternative energy sources so they can play a role in keeping the planet safer, sounder, and healthier.”

what you can expect


  • – Up to 2 college credits upon successful completion.
  • – Metrocards and lunch vouchers provided

Eligibility Requirements

  • – Be a New York City public high school student, entering 11th or 12th grade in September 2017
  • – Score 75 or higher on the English Regents

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