Wanted: Education Activist

The elevator pitch or rather the twitter bite size description of Learning Curve is – “#youth #S.T.E.M. #accelerator”. While this description serves me well, especially when I have 2 precious seconds to captivate, Learning Curve is more than just another accelerator, its a movement. Movements are important to uproot corruption, to rectify imbalance, to end suffering, to diminish stagnation and invoke change, stimulate evolution and adaptations in culture. So it only seemed fitting to start a movement in education. Learning Curve is a focused effort to move beyond mental, physical, social, political and economic inertia and appeal to the masses to be mindful, purposeful activists on behalf of students, educators and society at large. As activist we are devoted to radically improving education — the way we transmit knowledge, skills, customs, values as well as the formative experiences that shape the way we reason, feel and act. No single thing influenced my decision to start Learning Curve, but I couldn’t dismiss all the signals calling me to be an activist. Yes, an activist! I was not going to wait for Superman or Superwoman, Eva Moskowitz for that matter. I knew that there was no Messiah to liberate anyone that felt dissatisfied with education in America. I would not wait for funding. I would not wait for every idea to be validated. I would not wait for the endorsement or recognition of a foundation, think tank, politico or global search competition for the next great start-up or founder. The only motivation and backing I need are my kids – biological, step and the 1.1 million that struggle to compete and complete their K-12 education in New York City. The radical change needed to improve education will not happen overnight and will not likely be reduced into sound bites, hashtags or acronyms because improving education is real work and really complicated. Join me and be an activist! How? 1. Volunteer with Learning Curve and other out-of-school programs, one of my favorites is NFTE (more to come about NFTE). 2. Sponsor a youth via 3. Sponsor a Learning Curve Scholar-Entrepreneur 4. Blog — document your highs and lows as a parent, student, educator, employer, etc….tell us what’s working in STEM education. Contact me via twitter if you want to write or work on our video series @joinlc.

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