About Us — An Accelerator for the 99%


To make learning and exploring opportunities in STEAMD (Science Tech Engineering Art Math Design) engaging and meaningful  through skills acquisition, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.


To increase the social and economic mobility of undervalued populations in STEAMD and their communities through advancements in education, work, impact investing and social innovation.

What is Learning Curve?

  • a human capital accelerator 
  • a STEAMD (STEM + Art & Design) entrepreneurship accelerator and impact investment fund
  • in a fight against oppressive poverty and stifling education
Learning Curve seeks to tackle financial insecurity faced by vulnerable/undervalued young people by rethinking how to best prepare and propel a latent workforce for economic and social opportunities in the STEAMD economy. We teach the vulnerable/undervalued how to make and monetize inventions that matter 

For the Teen Entrepreneur-in-Residence…

Learning Curve is a rigorous and transformative learning experience. Learning Curve is the ultimate life hack for generation next – combining hands-on learning, entrepreneurship and culture. At Learning Curve we delve deeply into the culture of commercialization, innovation and investment.  Learning Curve entrepreneurs learn to use our signature M3 Method:  how to make and monetize inventions that matter.   

For Educators…

Learning Curve is an educator’s laboratory to engage in meaningful scholarship to unlock the knowledge that can be used to improve student opportunity, achievement and success. Learning Curve is a rare pedagogical experience and ecosystem, where bold instruction and collaboration are strongly encouraged to spark and sustain the student’s enthusiasm for learning. At Learning Curve the term “educator” is all-inclusive; instruction is delivered by business leaders, policymakers, designers and an array of “makers”.

For Industry…

Learning Curve is a human capital pipeline and an opportunity for employers to engage in “Research & Development” of the next innovative workforce. Learning Curve’s Employer-Partners are committed to understanding the needs and motivation of generation next to produce a more just and productive workplace.

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